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Vegetation Departure

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Vegetation Departure (VDEP) indicates how different current vegetation on a landscape is from estimated historical conditions. VDEP is based on changes to species composition, structural stage, and canopy closure using methods originally described in the Interagency Fire Regime Condition Class Guidebook, but is not identical to those methods. LANDFIRE (LF) VDEP is based only on departure of current vegetation conditions from reference vegetation conditions, whereas the Guidebook approach includes departure of current fire regimes from those of the reference period.

VDEP is a landscape metric and is scale dependent. Every pixel in a unique biophysical settings (BpS) in a summary unit has the same VDEP value. These large landscape values may not represent smaller areas within a summary unit.

The VDEP metric ranges from 0 - 100, and is based on four factors. These inputs are held constant within a single version of LF, but can be different across LF versions, which directly impacts VDEP comparability across versions. VDEP can be compared across versions but caution is advised.

VDEP Factors

LF Version LF Mapped Current Conditions Estimated Reference Conditions Included Types Landscape Summary Unit
LF National (1.0.0) LF National Succession Class LANDSUM output, parameterized by BpS models Natural Vegetation Only Map Zones and
ECOMAP Subsections
LF 2001 (1.0.5) LF 2001 Succession Class BpS Group Models Natural Vegetation, plus Burnable Ag and Burnable Urban HUC12 within Map Zones
LF 2008 (1.1.0) LF 2008 Succession Class Bps Group Models Natural Vegetation, plus Burnable Ag and Burnable Urban HUC12 within Map Zones
LF 2012 (1.3.0) LF 2012 Succession Class BpS Models Natural Vegetation Only Unique BpS Model Reference Conditions

Refer to Succession Class (SCLASS), VDEP and VCC metadata in each LF version for more information.

LF 1.0.0 (National) VCC Documentation
Attribute Data DictionaryPDF
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