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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  We have submitted similar information to a web-based data clearing house such as the NPS Data Store or an agency/corporate database system such as USFS-FACTS (Forest Service Activity Tracking System). Why don't you simply download the information you need from those existing websites or agency databases?

LANDFIRE does draw data from several web based data clearing houses including the NPS Data Store, USGS/NPS Vegetation Characterization Website, and USFS Regional Data Clearing houses. LANDFIRE also acquires data from agency/corporate database systems such as USFS FACTS (Forest Service Activity Tracking System) and USFS NRIS (Natural Resource Information System). The Website Agency DB Table provides a complete list of websites or agency database systems from which LANDFIRE draws data. For a copy of the Website Agency DB Table please visit If you store data on one of the websites or agency databases listed in this table, please verify that a current version of your data are posted to ensure that this data will be evaluated for use in the next LANDFIRE update cycle.


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