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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q.  What map projection do I need to do a fire analysis?

Our suggestion is to consider your intended use. LF native projection, USGS version of USA Contiguous Albers Equal Area Conic (NAD_1983_Albers or NAD_1983_Alaska_Albers), is perfect for larger area analysis, such as multiple states, etc. However, when doing any other types of analysis, such as local analysis, one may need to adapt LF products. If you are using software applications like FlamMap or FARSITE, it is best to reproject the products and use a north up projection, such as Fest-FIT UTM (NAD83). If data are not reprojected to a north up projection, models could produce unexpected results. It's good practice to understand the map projection characteristics of the products and, when necessary, reproject them to best fit your needs. LF offers a tool to modify the projection of the LF products you want to download.

For information on modifying an LF order, please review the Modify Request Page Tutorial.


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