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Landscape (.LCP) Files

This is a service that provides the Landscape (.LCP) file, a multi-band raster format commonly used by wildland fire behavior and fire effects models such as FARSITE and FlamMap. The bands of an .LCP file store data describing terrain, tree canopy, and surface fuel. This .LCP file utilizes LANDFIRE (LF) data, such as the optional crown fuel bands (canopy height, canopy base height, canopy bulk density), but currently does not include the optional surface fuel bands.

.LCP files are listed as products in the Data Distribution Site (DDS) Download Data panel. Users can specify either:

.LCP 13 Fire Behavior Fuel Models-Anderson
.LCP 40 Fire Behavior Fuel Models-Scott/Burgan

Access .LCPs by selecting an area of interest from the LF DDS.

.LCP Metadata [HTML] [XML]


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