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LANDFIRE 2014 (LF 2014 - LF 1.4.0)

LF 2014 spatial products are released.

View the Data Products Version Table for released layers.

LF 2014 is a vegetation and fuels mapping effort to update the base product suite. LF 2014 incorporates landscape change and disturbances, such as wildland fire, fuel and vegetation treatments, insects and disease, storm damage, and invasive plants that occurred in 2013 and 2014.

This update includes:

The LF 2014 update also:

The LF 2014 update strategy applies a consistent approach to combine geospatial data depicting areas of disturbance with Remote Sensing of Landscape Change (RSLC) derived data to develop the disturbance layers. Data from combinations of Landsat satellite imagery, fire program data (e.g., Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS)), cooperator-provided field data, and other ancillary data (e.g., Protected Area Database (PAD)) are used to locate and characterize large wildfires.

LF 2014 Scope

LF 2014 Product categories:
Reference  •  Disturbance  •  Vegetation  •  Fuel  •  Fire Regimes

View the Data Products Version Table for a complete product list for LF 2014.

LF 2014 Schedule

The official kickoff for LF 2014 was Oct 5, 2015. A revised completion date, with incremental delivery, is March 2017.

A data call for disturbance and treatment polygon data was issued October 2014 and data processing was completed August 2015. The Public Events Geodatabase was released January 2016.

Spatial data products were delivered by GeoArea groups as described below:

LF 2014 Expected Geographic Area Product Delivery

SummerWinter Spring
South Central SC Northwest NWAlaska AK
North Central NCNortheast NEHawaii HI
Southwest SWSoutheast SE

2014 GeoAreas

LF 2014 Documentation

LF Business Plan PDF