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LF 2019 Limited (LF 2.1.0)
Vegetation, fuel (2021 capable), disturbance
Provided an update to LF 2016 Remap that included changes/disturbances that occurred since the completion of LF Remap, including the years of 2017, 2018, and 2019. The "L" indicates this is a "Limited" data set, as LF 2019L focused on updating areas of disturbance for the listed years. Non-disturbed vegetation is identical to LF Remap.
LF 2010 (LF 1.2.0)
Vegetation, fuel, fire regimes, and
topography products
Provided an update to LF 2008 to more accurately represent current conditions and account for landscape disturbances that occurred in CY 2009 and 2010. Disturbances include: treatment activities such as wildland fire, fuel and vegetation treatments, mortality from insects and disease, storm damage, invasive plants, and other natural or anthropogenic events.
LF 2008 (LF 1.1.0)
Vegetation, fuel, fire regimes, and
topography products
Provided changes for growth in shrub and wetland cover types that occurred from 1999-2008 and landscape change from natural disturbances.
Improvements (LF 1.0.2)
vegetation & fuel products only
Consists of several systematic improvements to the LANDFIRE National products to address end user feedback on specific issues including addressing inconsistencies along international boundaries and modifying existing vegetation and fuels within areas previously classified as agriculture, urban, rock, & water.
Rapid Refresh (LF 1.0.1)
vegetation & fuel products only
Provided updated vegetation and fuels products for the western states using fires >1000 acres through 2007 and used relatively fast, simple updating methods to increase Canopy Bulk Density (CBD) and reduce Canopy Base Height (CBH) (Recommend the Finney method for crown fire modeling)-completed 2008.
National c2001 (LF 1.0.0)
Vegetation, fuel, fire regimes, and
topography products
Reviews / Assessments

National is the first version for all products for the entire U.S., while a subset of the data was delivered for Alaska and Hawaii. Methods are consistent and comprehensive. National 30-meter grid resolution was designed for national relevancy and local application.
Rapid Assessment (LF 0.5.0)
potential vegetation, succession, & fire regime products
A suite of products with fewer layers and reduced spatial resolution, designed to fill data needs prior to the LF 1.0.0 release - completed 2006.
Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC) Historical content regarding the FRCC Program, includes documentation and other resources.

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