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LANDFIRE—Data users and visitors

GraphLANDFIRE has a wide audience of website visitors and data consumers — there were 11,500 unique website ( visitors Jan-Mar 2016. During that same time span, 882,000 data downloads occurred using the LF Data Distribution Site (DDS) and the LF Data Access Tool (LFDAT) by approximately 4,800 unique visitors.

Some of the website visitors downloaded over 4,000 mosaics — full extents of AK, HI and CONUS provided in zip file format from the website. This indicates that at least a portion of data users want full extent data. You can also conclude from looking at the statistics that a high percentage of users are coming to LANDFIRE for the data.

The statistics show:

Top five U.S. universities downloading data - Utah State University, Colorado State University, Humboldt State University, University of Idaho, University of Dayton

Top five LANDFIRE pages visited - home page, vegetation, FAQs, data products distribution table, applications

Top five government agencies and programs - BLM, AAIC, USDA, Fish and Wildlife, non-profit organizations

Data users are accessing data from sources other than the DDS and The LF Program submits data directly to the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) and the USFS. These programs provide access to LF data to their user base. Without these services, data users would need to acquire data from LF.

All statistics are approximations and range from Jan-Mar 2016.


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