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The LANDFIRE (LF) Help Desk receives inquiries from LF users. These inquiries could be about LF products, the website, or methods of downloading LF data. Each inquiry is given a ticket number and reviewed to determine the level of response needed. The Help Desk works with the appropriate LF staff to provide the information requested.

The chart below shows the number of user contacts/tickets received each month.

Below is the status of recent tickets. This list will be updated as needed.

Tickets in the Queue

Ticket IDSubjectType of ProductIssueStatusCreation Date
88504[EXTERNAL] Question about LF 2016 Remap Forest Canopy Cover and Capable FuelsFuelsHow-To (Product)In Progress11/22/2021
88197[EXTERNAL] LANDFIRE total fuel change tool questionFuels: CBHHow-To (Product)In Progress11/16/2021
87709[EXTERNAL] LANDFIRE Weather DataOtherHow-To (Product)In Progress11/5/2021

Completed Tickets

Ticket IDSubjectType of ProductIssueStatusCreation Date
88205 [EXTERNAL] Question on BPS Paleozoic Plateau Bluff and Talus fire severity Veg: BPS How-To (Product)Closed  11/16/2021
88167 [EXTERNAL] Metadata of 2016 Landfire EVT Veg: EVT How-To (Product)Closed  11/15/2021
88023 [EXTERNAL] Metadata of 2016 Landfire EVT Veg: EVT How-To (Access)Closed  11/12/2021
87668 [EXTERNAL] CONUS & OCONUS MFRI Data Distribution How-To (Access)Closed  11/4/2021
87347 [EXTERNAL] disturbance data Disturbance Problem (Product)Closed  10/29/2021
87277 [EXTERNAL] MN LANDFIRE question Fire Regime How-To (Product)Closed  10/27/2021
87199 [EXTERNAL] Accuracy of LF 2.x Existing Vegetation Height? Veg: EVH How-To (Product)Closed  10/26/2021
86972 [EXTERNAL] disturbance data Dist How-To (Product)Closed  10/21/2021
86931 [EXTERNAL] Landfire API question Tools and Services Problem (Access)Closed  10/21/2021
86755 [EXTERNAL] Issue with downloading layers using LF Data Access tool in Arc Map Tools and Services: LFDAT Problem (Product)Closed  10/18/2021
86639 [EXTERNAL] LANDFIRE's 'aspect' raster Topo: ASP How-To (Product)Closed  10/15/2021
86525 [EXTERNAL] Comparison of VCC between products Vegetation: VCC How-To (Product)Closed  10/13/2021
86339 Remap 2016 CBD 2019 and 2020 vs LF 2019 CBD Fuels: CBD How-To (Product)Closed  10/7/2021
86082 data contributions Reference How-To (Product)Closed  10/1/2021
85978 [EXTERNAL] LF 2020 FCCS 2.0.0 Fuelbed Issue Fuels: FCCS Problem (Product)Closed  9/30/2021
85874 Matthew Bonanni Disturbance Problem (Product)Closed  9/28/2021
85562 [EXTERNAL] Data Server Error Arcmap 10.7.1 Tools and Services Problem (Access)Closed  9/21/2021
85573 [EXTERNAL] LandFire data use in Synthetic Environments Other AvailabilityClosed  9/21/2021
85632 [EXTERNAL] Data gap in LFRDB 2016 Remap Reference Problem (Product)Closed  9/22/2021
85637 [EXTERNAL] Dataset Issues Data Distribution Problem (Product)Closed  9/22/2021
85514 [EXTERNAL] Specific Fires in California for a Paper Fire Regime How-To (Product)Closed  9/20/2021
85533 [EXTERNAL] LANDFIRE remap - EVT questions Vegetation: EVT How-To (Product)Closed  9/20/2021
85369 [EXTERNAL] quick question Other How-To (Access)Closed  9/16/2021
85325 Landfire training data to RCMAP Reference Problem (Access)Closed  9/15/2021
85329 [EXTERNAL] Overlapping disturbances prioritization Disturbance Problem (Product)Closed  9/15/2021
85176 [EXTERNAL] quick question Other OtherClosed  9/13/2021
85108 [EXTERNAL] landfire products Vegetation OtherClosed  9/10/2021
85119 [EXTERNAL] PDF of Landfire GeoAreas to read numbers Other How-To (Access)Closed  9/10/2021
84789 [EXTERNAL] REMAP Datasets for Texas Vegetation Problem (Product)Closed  9/2/2021
84732 [EXTERNAL] Help with LANDFIRE Data Access Tool 2.8 Tools and Services: LFDAT Problem (Access)Closed  9/1/2021
84601 [EXTERNAL] LandFire Extent Download error Tools and Services Problem (Access)Closed  8/31/2021
84549 [EXTERNAL] Data Download Issue Vegetation Problem (Access)Closed  8/30/2021
84451 [EXTERNAL] Issue with Polygon tool in Map viewer for GAP/LANDFIRE National Terrestrial Ecosystems 2011 Other Problem (Access)Closed  8/27/2021
84396 [EXTERNAL] configure/enable pop-ups Tools and Services How-To (Product)Closed  8/26/2021
84315 [EXTERNAL] Fwd: Climate Change Is Raising Wildfire Risk Across The U.S. : NPR Vegetation How-To (Product)Closed  8/25/2021
84320 Data request: LANDFIRE's Existing Vegetation Type (EVT) Vegetation: EVT How-To (Access)Closed  8/25/2021
84353 [EXTERNAL] new raster error message Tools and Services: DDS OtherClosed  8/25/2021
84283 [EXTERNAL] Inquiry about succession class data Vegetation: Sclass How-To (Product)Closed  8/24/2021
84096 [EXTERNAL] Agricultural EVT definitions for 2001; 2010; 2012; 2014; and 2016 Vegetation: EVT How-To (Access)Closed  8/19/2021
84009 [EXTERNAL] MRLC Vegetation Maps Tools and Services How-To (Access)Closed  8/18/2021
83989 [EXTERNAL] Error in Data Dictionary Fuels Problem (Product)Closed  8/17/2021
83828 [EXTERNAL] LF 2010 Products Other Problem (Access)Closed  8/13/2021
83804 [EXTERNAL] LANDFIRE zone map availability Data Distribution How-To (Access)Closed  8/12/2021
83761 [EXTERNAL] Crosswalking BpS and Ecological Systems Vegetation: BpS How-To (Product)Closed  8/11/2021
83710 [EXTERNAL] corrupted zip file for conus slope mosaic Data Distribution Problem (Product)Closed  8/10/2021
83672 [EXTERNAL] Multiple Files per Version on HTTPS - Which to Download? Tools and Services Problem (Product)Closed  8/9/2021
83682 [EXTERNAL] Alaska elevation data Data Distribution How-To (Access)Closed  8/9/2021
83509 [EXTERNAL] Re: WCS Down? Tools and Services: WCS Problem (Product)Closed  8/4/2021
83510 [EXTERNAL] CORS Issue with ArcGIS LANDFIRE layers this week? Tools and Services Problem (Product)Closed  8/4/2021
83524 lfdat Tools and Services: LFDAT Problem (Access)Closed  8/4/2021
83537 [EXTERNAL] creating a DEM Tools and Services How-To (Product)Closed  8/4/2021
83420 [EXTERNAL] Error when downloading fuel data from the LandFire Data Distribution site Tools and Services Problem (Product)Closed  8/2/2021
82868 [EXTERNAL] not able to acquire data- please help Tools and Services Problem (Product)Closed  7/28/2021
82869 [EXTERNAL] Looking for publication Other OtherClosed  7/28/2021
82876 [EXTERNAL] Research collaboration in wildfire remote sensing Data Distribution How-To (Product)Closed  7/28/2021
82591 [EXTERNAL] trouble downloading annual disturbance data Data Distribution Problem (Product)Closed  7/21/2021
82339 [EXTERNAL] Re: Landfire issues Other Problem (Access)Closed  7/15/2021
82305 [EXTERNAL] Fire Regime Condition Class-Historic Data Fire Regime: FRCC How-To (Access)Closed  7/14/2021
82252 [EXTERNAL] Product is under maintenance Data Distribution Problem (Access)Closed  7/13/2021
82177 [EXTERNAL] landscape data (automatic acquisition ) Data Distribution How-To (Access)Closed  7/11/2021
82111 [EXTERNAL] Download Not Responding Data Distribution Problem (Access)Closed  7/8/2021
81864 [EXTERNAL] LANDFIRE fuels for 2020 in southern Sierra Nevada Fuels How-To (Product)Closed  7/1/2021
81605 [EXTERNAL] Use of Landfire EVT for WDFW recommendations Vegetation: EVT OtherClosed  6/30/2021
81479 [EXTERNAL] Urban change data Disturbance How-To (Product)Closed  6/28/2021
81231 [EXTERNAL] Missing Fuel Disturbance layer from website Disturbance: Fdist Problem (Access)Closed  6/22/2021
81032 [EXTERNAL] Looking for concept summaries for a few EVT classifications Vegetation: EVT Problem (Access)Closed  6/17/2021
80915 [EXTERNAL] Product Vegetation How-To (Product)Closed  6/15/2021
80918 I got an email from Chuck McHugh about timingout when downloading MoD-Fis data Fuels Problem (Access)Closed  6/15/2021
80923 [EXTERNAL] LADNFIRE DATA 2016 Remap and FRCC data Fire Regime: FRCC How-To (Product)Closed  6/15/2021
80981 LANDFIRE 2019 Limited Vegetation Vegetation AvailabilityClosed  6/15/2021
80782 [EXTERNAL] Server 500 Error Tools and Services Problem (Access)Closed  6/11/2021
80723 [EXTERNAL] About rule sets Fuels How-To (Access)Closed  6/10/2021
80663 [EXTERNAL] Product Vegetation How-To (Product)Closed  6/9/2021
80679 [EXTERNAL] Invalid Raster Error Fire Regime Problem (Product)Closed  6/9/2021

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