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Some disturbance omitted from Northwest GeoArea in LANDFIRE (LF) 2012 (LF 1.3.0)

Data updated 4/9/2015


Landsat change detection data from 2012 were omitted from the disturbance layers for most of the NW GeoArea. Portions of south central Washington and North Central Oregon are the exception. Disturbances identified by fire program mapping efforts (Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity, Burned Area Reflectance Classification and Rapid Assessment of Vegetation Condition), and those included in the LF Public Events Geodatabase were not omitted. The disturbance product for 2011 was not affected.

Area Missing
The square perimeter (in green) outlines the portion of the NW GeoArea that is correct and contains all known disturbances.

In the original disturbance layer 7,326,354 acres were mapped as disturbed, in the corrected version 7,909,424 acres were mapped as disturbed. The differences between versions affects 0.18% of the NW GeoArea.

Table of the number of disturbed acres that were omitted.
Disturbed AcresDisturbed Percent
Corrected 7,909,4242.44%
Original 7,326,354 2.26%
Change 583,070 0.18%

An update to LF 2012 disturbance, existing vegetation and fuel layers for the NW GeoArea is planned and a data alert will be posted when the data are released.

Updated LF 2012 layers for the NW GeoArea will include:
Disturbance (D2012)
Fuel Disturbance (FDist12)
Vegetation Disturbance (VDist12)
Existing Vegetation Cover (EVC)
Existing Vegetation Type (EVT)
Existing Vegetation Height (EVH)
Canopy Bulk Density (CBD)
Canopy Base Height (CBH)
Canopy Cover (CC)
Canopy Height (CH)
13 Anderson Fire Behavior Fuel Models (FBFM13)
40 Scott and Burgan Fire Behavior Fuel Models (FBFM40)

Users are advised to download the updated versions and delete local copies of these layers that were downloaded prior to
April 8, 2015. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.