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Public LFRDB

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Reference Database

A public version of the LANDFIRE (LF) Reference Database (LFRDB) is available which contains a subset of the data and attributes used for LF production. The Public LFRDB includes vegetation and fuel data from geo-referenced sampling units nationwide. The data were largely amassed from existing information resources such as:

Data archived in the Public LFRDB include:

natural community occurrences
estimates of canopy cover and height per plant taxon
occurrence of exotics plants
biomass estimates of downed woody material
percentage cover and height of shrub and herb layers
canopy base height estimates

Major Public LFRDB attributes derived from the sampling data include:

Certain proprietary and/or sensitive data were removed in the public database. Consult the table lutVisitsSourceID in the database regarding data sources.

The Public LFRDB can be used as input to spatial and non-spatial vegetation models and is applicable for ground truthing and accuracy assessments for a variety of modeling and mapping efforts.

New and Improved LF Auto-Keys: LF is gearing up for LF remap - learn about the redesign of the Auto-Keys process, which is used to determine existing vegetation type classification based on plot data in the LFRDB — Developing Auto-Keys for LANDFIRE Vegetation Mapping: 2014-2015 CONUS Project Report

LFRDB EVT Assignment Evaluation

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