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Biophysical Settings

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LANDFIRE's (LF) Biophysical Settings (BPS) represents the vegetation system that may have been dominant on the landscape prior to Euro-American settlement and is based on both the current biophysical environment and an approximation of the historical disturbance regime.

Map units are based on NatureServe's Ecological Systems classification and represent the natural plant communities that may have been present during the reference period. Each BPS map unit is matched with a model of vegetation succession. The actual time period for this data set is a composite of both the historical context provided by the fire regime and vegetation dynamics models and the more recent field and geospatial inputs used to create it.

LF 2014 and earlier versions: BPS is unchanged from LF National's BPS except for updates made to water, barren, and snow classes (additions or removal), so that non-vegetated cover types within the BPS product matches LF existing vegetation and fuel products.

LF 2016 Remap: BPS now includes the following products as attributes of BPS to ensure the linkage of these characteristics to BPS is maintained.

  • Fire Return Interval (FRI)
  • Percent of Low-severity Fire (PRC_SURFAC)
  • Percent of Mixed-severity Fire (PRC_MIXED)
  • Percent of Replacement-severity Fire (PRC_REPLAC)
  • Fire Regime Groups (FRG_NEW)

NOTE: There is no BPS for LF 2016 Remap Alaska.

LF uses BPS to depict reference conditions of vegetation across landscapes.

Product availability

Attribute Data Dictionary (LF 2.0.0)zipped file
Attribute Data Dictionary (LF 1.4.0)

The raster attribute tables for LF products are served in database file (DBF) format.
(Why is the DBF important?)

Comma separated value (CSV) files can be found in the LF Library.

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BPS example
Northwest region - LF 2016 Remap BPS [legend]

Key BPS Attributes
VALUE Unique numerical identifier for each legend category
BPS_CODE  Biophysical Settings (BpS) code used by LANDFIRE
ZONE  National Land Cover Database Map Zone the BpS relates to
BPS_MODEL  Unique BpS model code
GROUPVEG  BpS collapsed into coarse groups
FRI_REPLAC  Average historic replacement fire frequency
FRI_MIXED  Average historic mixed fire frequency
FRI_SURFAC  Average historic surface fire frequency
PRC_REPLAC  Percent of historic fires with replacement severity
PRC_MIXED  Percent of historic fires with mixed severity
PRC_SURFAC  Percent of historic fires with surface severity
FRG_NEW  Modified Fire Regime Group

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