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Public Events Geodatabase

The LANDFIRE (LF) Public Events Geodatabase used in LF 2008 (LF 1.1.0), LF 2010 (LF 1.2.0), LF 2012 (LF 1.3.0), and LF 2014 (LF 1.4.0) production is available and includes three feature classes for each geographic area:

Raw Events    natural disturbance and vegetation/fuel treatment data 1999-2014    READMEPDF
Model Ready Events
Exotics   occurrence of exotic or invasive plant species 1999-2014

The Public Events Geodatabase includes contributions from:

federal     state    local    private organizations

Certain proprietary and/or sensitive data were removed in the public geodatabase. A table for the source code (lutSource_Code), which is an attribute in all three feature classes, is available for download. Consult the table "lutSource_Code" for more information about the data sources.

Refer to Disturbance Data Processing to learn how LF evaluates and processes the Public Events Geodatabase.

The Public Events Geodatabase is used to determine disturbance causality in LF products and can be used in change detection analysis.

This collection of treatments on the landscape is being compiled as part of the LF Remap effort and events are being produced for the years 2015 and 2016. These polygons are being used to inform Annual Disturbance products for LF Remap. The entire LANDFIRE Events Geodatabase will be released to the public at the end of LF Remap in late 2019.

Download Data

by spatial selection

Public Events Attribute Data DictionaryPDF
Public Exotics Attribute Data Dictionary PDF

For more information contact:
Brenda Lundberg
LANDFIRE Reference Data Administrator


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