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Disturbance 1999-2014, Fuel Disturbance, Vegetation Disturbance

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LANDFIRE (LF) disturbance data depict where change occurred on the landscape, both spatially and temporally, 1999-2014. These data serve as drivers to model vegetation transitions and inform updates to LF vegetation, fuel, and other products. Disturbance data are developed using combinations of Landsat satellite imagery, fire program data (e.g., Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS)), cooperator-provided field data, and other ancillary data (e.g., Protected Area Database (PAD)). Disturbance data are attributed with disturbance year, type, and severity. The vegetation and fuel disturbance products are multi-year composites derived from disturbance grids with the most recent disturbance taking precedence. These data are applicable in several areas of research and management such as landscape change, habitat gain/loss, carbon stock change, vegetation restoration, and more.

Methods used to mitigate data gaps in 2011 and 2012 disturbance productsPDF

Disturbance Attribute Data Dictionary PDF
Fuel Disturbance Attribute Data DictionaryPDF
Vegetation Disturbance Attribute Data Dictionary PDF

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