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Data Access using REST or WCS Services

Do you want to access LANDFIRE (LF) data without downloading to your local system? You have a couple options. The first is called a Representational state transfer (REST). REST calls allow you to access LF data within your desktop mapping session that are formatted as they appear on the Data Distribution Site (DDS). The second option is Web Coverage Service or WCS (recommend version 1.0.0). WCS allows you to access LF products for analysis or modeling without downloading data.

The LF DDS system implemented the external capabilities file to allow WCS to reproject native format. LF products are in Albers Equal Area Projection. Users can reproject to other projections using WCS.

The REST and WCS URLs are listed below. To use the WCS URL in ArcMap, use the bare URL provided below. To use the WCS URL in a web browser, append: ?request=GetCapabilities&service=WCS onto the end of the WCS URL.

Use these help documents for specific instructions to set up for:
ArcGIS OnlinePDF




Disturbance pre LF 1.3.0


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