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LF produces fire behavior fuel model data representing average conditions. However, the average condition doesn't provide the temporal precision needed to model fire behavior with seasonal variability. To address this issue, LF developed a strategy for mapping dynamic fuels called Modeling Dynamic Fuels with an Index System (MoD-FIS). LF currently applies two indexes of MoD-FIS to account for fuel's seasonal variability. These model ready indexes represent current, real-time conditions. The intent with both products is that analysts can access current state data expressed through fuel availability in real-time to near real-time conditions.

Learn more about LF's MoD-FIS strategy:


Modeling Dynamic Fuels with an Index System (MoD-FIS)
Southeast products - Drought Based Fuel Dynamic system (LF DBFD) better represents drier conditions with fuel models in the Southeast.
MoD-FIS Schedule
Great Basin and Southwest products - Seasonal products that capture the inter-annual variability in herbaceous growth and impact on available fuels in the Great Basin and Southwest.

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