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The Nature Conservancy's (a LF major partner) Conservation Gateway provides links to learn more about how LF is being used:

The following links describe LF applications. While not a comprehensive list, it highlights LF data use from a variety of contexts.


Longleaf Pine Sustainability Analysis Technical Report [Technical Report] PDF
Landsat-Scale Regional Forest Canopy Height Mapping using ICEASat-2 Along-track heights: case study of eastern texas [Application Summary]
Using social media data and machine learning to map recreational ecosystem services [Application Summary]
Stanislaus National Forest shifts from a long history of fire suppression to a future that is thriving through fire. [ Story Map]
Contemporary wildfires are more severe compared to the historical reference period in western US dry conifer forests. [Application Summary]
USGS Wildfire Hazard and Risk Assessment Clearinghouse [Application Summary]
Protecting Giants [ Story Map]
Controlled Burns Help Prevent Wildfires, Experts Say. But Regulations Have Made It Nearly Impossible to Do These Burns [Application Summary]
Wildfire Vulnerability Explorer [Application Summary]
LANDFIRE and Certified Sustainable Forest Management [Application Summary]
Regional Stem Volume Mapping: A Feasibility Assessment of Scaling Tree-Level Estimates [Application Summary]
Nevada Department of Wildlife Uses LANDFIRE Tools to Update Habitat Management and Protection Priorities in State Wildlife Action Plan [Application Summary]


Locating potential historical fire-maintained grasslands of the eastern United States based on topography and wind speed [Journal Article] New Window
TreeMap 2016 Dataset Generates CONUS-Wide Maps of Forest Characteristics Including Live Basal Area, Aboveground Carbon, and Number of Trees per Acre [Journal Article] New Window
Construction of Probabilistic Wildfire Risk Estimates for Individual Real Estate Parcels for the Contiguous United States [Journal Article] New Window
Behavioral states in space and time: understanding landscape use by an invasive mammal [Journal Article] New Window
Green Mountain National Forest historical fire regime assessment LANDFIRE [Application Summary] New Window
A comparison of multitemporal airborne laser scanning data and the Fuel Characteristics Classification System for estimating fuel load and consumption [Journal Article] New Window
Climate Land Cover (LANDFIRE Derived) - Datasets - California Natural Resources Agency Open Data [Journal Article] New Window
LCMAP Change Stories: Sequoias under Siege, Progression of a Wildfire [Application Summary] New Window
Scientists use AI to update data vegetation maps for improved wildfire forecasts [Journal Article] New Window
Mapping the wildland-urban interface in California using remote sensing data [Journal Article] New Window
Impacts of Agricultural Management Systems on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Highly Simplified Dryland Landscapes [Journal Article] PDF
Wildfire risk rating now available for 145 million properties in the United States [Journal Article] New Window
Highlights from "Fueling the Flames" [Project Report] New Window
Northeast-Midwest Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal [Application] New Window
LANDFIRE Data and Applications [Fact Sheet] New Window
Landscape scale data: the LANDFIRE example [Application Summary] New Window
A Short Tour of the Interagency Fuel Treatment Decision Support System (IFTDSS) [Journal Article] New Window
U.S. Department of the Interior Wildfire Risk Five-Year Monitoring, Maintenance, and Treatment Plan [ Project Report] New Window


LF & Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) - 15 Years of Growing Research and Partnerships Opening a new window
New Eastern Region Wildfire Risk Assessment [Project Report] New Window
Development and Application of the Fireshed Registry  [Project Report] New Window
The importance of small fires for wildfire hazard in urbanised landscapes of the northeastern US [Journal Article] New Window
Modelling species distributions and environmental suitability highlights risk of plant invasions in western United States [Journal Article] New Window
Mapping regional forest management units: a road-based framework in Southeastern Coastal Plain and Piedmont [Journal Article] New Window


Drought Sensitivity and Trends of Riparian Vegetation Vigor in Nevada, USA (1985–2018) [Journal Article] New Window


Wildfire Simulation Methods for the Rogue Basin Cohesive Forest Restoration Strategy [Project Report] New Window
Updating LANDFIRE Fuel Grids Using MTBS Fire Severity Data [Project Report] New Window


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