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Contribute Feedback

LANDFIRE (LF) welcomes feedback on its products. Feedback information addresses potential discrepancies between existing products and known field conditions. Submit feedback to LF's data product review website or to Brenda Lundberg.

Feedback on data helps LF:

We will NOT simply substitute or "stamp in" the ancillary data in place of LF data. Please provide the LF version of the data in question with any feedback.

Examples of Feedback Data:

  1. A narrative that describes issue(s) with a map product. For example, explain that LF mapped recently harvested forest as agricultural lands within a particular area of interest and both the vegetation and fuel layers have errors. Provide as much detail as possible about the issue(s) and requested change(s).
  2. A narrative plus geo-spatial data illustrating the issue(s). Same as 1 above, but include a polygon shapefile or coverage exemplifying misrepresentation of ground conditions in the map products. For example, include a set of polygons delineating recently harvested forest in areas that LF has mapped as agriculture or include an existing vegetation or fuel map (as a GIS layer) that better reflects ground conditions. Provide specifics on how the data set submitted is an improvement over the LF layer in question.
  3. A narrative plus an edited version of the data product. Same as 1 above, but include a copy of the layer in question in which pixels have been reclassified to better reflect ground conditions. Provide as much information as possible about the edits and the rationale behind the changes.

Brenda Lundberg
LANDFIRE Reference Data Administrator