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Schedule / Versions

Version LF c2001 LF 2001 LF 2008 LF 2010 LF 2012 LF 2014 LF 2015
Data Products Version
Type base map revision update base map
Status Archived Complete and available on the DDS Planning

LANDFIRE (LF) delivers three types of data releases:

base map:is a comprehensive vegetation and fuels mapping effort of the LF product suite, this mapping uses satellite imagery and LFRDB plot data, for example: LF c2001
revision:a modified data suite of the base map, often necessary before an update, for example: LF 2001
update:a vegetation and fuels mapping effort using the base product suite to more accurately represent current conditions and account for landscape disturbances and succession, for example: LF 2008

Expected Data Delivery

LF National, delivered in 2009, was the first LF spatial dataset. The vegetation and fuel layers were updated four times to more accurately represent current conditions and account for landscape disturbances: LF 2008 - in 2011, LF 2010 - in 2014, LF 2012 - in 2015, and LF 2014 - in 2017.

LF delivery schedule:

LF 2014 is complete and released.

SWFall Provisional MoD-FIS (fall 2017 estimate)
Great Basin & SWSummer Provisional MoD-FIS (released 7/2017)
Great Basin & SWSpring Provisional MoD-FIS (released 6/2017)
HI Fire Regime (released 3/2017)
AK Fire Regime (released 3/2017)
HI Disturbance, Vegetation, Fuel (released 3/2017)
AK Disturbance, Vegetation, Fuel (released 3/2017)
CONUS Fire Regime (released 1/2017)
NW-NE-SE Disturbance, Vegetation, Fuel (released 12/2016)
SC-NC-SW Disturbance, Vegetation, Fuel (released 9/2016)
CONUS, AK, HIReference (released 1/2016)

LF 2015 is coming:

A new base map to the entire product suite, LF 2015 Remap, is expected to be completed in 201​9/2020​. LF 2015 Remap will take approximately three years to complete followed by regular updates to the vegetation and fuels layers to account for landscape disturbances.

More information on LF release strategies can be found in the LF Business Plan. PDF