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Methods include publications about LANDFIRE (LF) product development and creation.


Integration of vegetation classification with land cover mapping: lessons from regional mapping efforts in the Americas [Project Report] New Window


Quantifying the Representation of Plant Communities in the Protected Areas of the U.S.: An Analysis Based on the U.S. National Vegetation Classification Groups [Journal Article] New Window

Changing the mapping approach for fuels in disturbed areas - LANDFIRE introduces "Capable" Fuel [Project Report] PDF
Vegetation dynamics models: a comprehensive set for natural resource assessment and planning in the United States [Journal Article] New Window


Value of Georeferenced Vegetation Plots to LANDFIRE [Project Report] PDF


GB-SW MoD-FIS White Paper [Project Report] PDF
LF Remap - Utilization of Remotely Sensed Data to Classify Existing Vegetation Type and Structure to Support Strategic Planning and Tactical Response - characterizing vegetation type, cover, and height with Earth observation data enhances wildland fuel modeling. [Journal Article]New Window


LANDFIRE 2010-Updates to the national dataset to support improved fire and natural resource management [Government Report] New Window


Modeling Dynamic-Fuels with an Index System: LANDFIRE Drought Based Fuel Dynamic in the Southeast United States [Project Report]PDF
A Landsat Data Tiling and Compositing Approach Optimized for Change Detection in the Conterminous United States [Journal Article]New Window
LANDFIRE Methods for Filling Landsat 7 ETM+ SLC-Off used by the 2011 and 2012 Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS) Data and Rapid Assessment of Vegetation Condition after Wildfire (RAVG) datasets [Project Report]PDF


Mapping Forest Height in Alaska Using GLAS, Landsat Composites, and Airborne LIDAR [Journal Article]New Window
LANDFIRE 2010 Existing Vegetation Type Legend Revisions [Project Report]PDF


The LANDFIRE Refresh Strategy: Updating the National Dataset [Journal Article]New Window


LANDFIRE 2008 comprehensive reports delineated by LANDFIRE Geographical Areas [Project Report]
Monitoring Landscape Change for LANDFIRE Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery and Ancillary Data [Journal Article]PDF


A Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) National Resources Inventory (NRI) / LANDFIRE Pilot Project - Montana 2010 [Project Report]PDF


Equations to Convert Compacted Crown Ratio to Uncompacted Crown Ratio for Trees in the Interior West [Journal Article]PDF
LANDFIRE: a nationally consistent vegetation, wildland fire, and fuel assessment [Journal Article]PDF


RMRS-GTR-175: Nationally Consistent and Locally Relevant Geospatial Data for Wildland Fire Management [Government Report]New Window


Using simulation to map fire regimes: an evaluation of approaches, strategies, and limitations [Journal Article]New Window


Integrating Ecosystem Sampling, Gradient Modeling, Remote Sensing, and Ecosystem Simulation to Create Spatially Explicit Landscape Inventories [Journal Article]PDF


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