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Data Quality

LANDFIRE (LF) is committed to providing information about the characteristics, quality and applications of all Program products. LF focused on an Existing Vegetation Type (EVT) assessment for LF 2010 because it is a product created from basic information about vegetation, vegetation transitions, and disturbance-EVT is not a "derived" layer. LF will post assessments performed by external parties when they are identified and permission is granted. LF plans to perform quality assessments on Existing Vegetation Cover (EVC), Existing Vegetation Height (EVH), and Disturbance.

LF Review—evaluated by internal LF teams
Collaborative Review—evaluated by an outside organization, with or without LF teams

LF 2015 Remap* [base map]
LF 2014*   [update]

LF 2012** [update]

LF 2010    [update]
LF 2008 [update]

LF 2001 [revision] see LF c2001
LF c2001 [base map]

*This version is either in or has yet to be in production, quality information unavailable.
**Quality information in development.