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Opportunities to engage and provide feedback

There are many opportunities to engage and help with data reviews that provide vital feedback to the LANDFIRE (LF) Program. People involved in land management, vegetation, habitat, natural resources, fuels and fire management, or geographic information systems will be particularly interested in these chances to review and comment. Look for announcements in LF bulletins and community calls as new efforts begin and additional information is available.

Questions? Need more information? Are you interested in or have ideas about other ways to engage and participate with LF? Please contact us.

Data Submissions (plots and polygons)

WHAT: Contribution of data to the LF program, including plots, polygons, events, exotics, lidar related to vegetation or fuels, and feedback information. Your data is always welcome, so please provide it as soon as you can to ensure it is available for any effort in the LF production process.

WHY: Data incorporated into LF will help the landscape data reflect on-the-ground conditions as closely as possible. For more details please visit:

WHO: Brenda Lundberg, LF Data Administrator ( )

Biophysical Settings (BpS) Review

WHAT: Your input will help improve the updated BpS models and descriptions, which will be available in CY17.

WHY: This effort will increase the quality and usefulness of the BpS models and descriptions. Review is primarily web-based and supplemented with in-person visits and webinars. For more details please visit:

WHO: The Nature Conservancy LF team ( )

FBFM Changes in WFDSS Reviews:

WHAT: Interpretation of changes made to LF data by users within Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS).

WHY: The LF Program is working with the Wildland Fire Management Research, Development, and Applications (WFMRD&A) Program to evaluate, in a structured review process, recurring edits that are made in WFDSS within a given landscape and the reuse of edited data within a landscape. The LF Program wants help interpreting the changes that users have made, why they were made, and what the changes tell us about remapping or updating the data in LF. Upon completion of the evaluation, results will be reviewed further and vetted by some of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) sub-committees. The ultimate goal of this effort is to assess the value of implementing similar changes in future LF updates or the LF Remap project. To participate in these reviews, please contact us.

Ongoing information about the review will be posted at:

Data Product Review Website Feedback

WHAT: Looking for feedback on LF products to enhance future product updates.

WHY: The LF Program experienced the value of guidebooks during the Alaska FBFM calibration workshop (Alaska guidebook). Feedback helps improve future LF product updates. Watch the LF website, bulletins, and postcards for new information. Contact us to be included on the invitation list for future information workshops.

WHO: Dr. Wendel Hann of the Wildland Fire Research Development and Applications-Fuels and Fire Ecology, University of Idaho Unit ( )


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